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Venus_ Birth, triptych  2.jpg
VENUS' BIRTH, 1986, 3x 100 mm, Brass; 1988, GRAND PRIZE – First International Biennial of Unique Medal, Warsaw716 views
(2 votes)
60 YEARS OF THE MUSEUM IN BYDGOSZCZ, 110x107 mm, 1983362 views
(1 votes)
Muzeum_Mikolaja_Kopernika_AB kopia.jpg
COPERNICUS-MUSEUM OF MEDICINE IN FROMBORK, cast bronze, 108x105 mm, 1989265 views
(1 votes)
Lincoln_v2_AB kopia.jpg
ABRAHAM LINCOLN, cast bronze, 103 x 100 mm, 1993338 views
(1 votes)
Litynski kopia.jpg
ALFRED LITYNSKI ( prize of the Polish Hydrobiological Society), cast bronze, 80x80 mm, 1999271 views
(1 votes)
Kopernik_510_Rocznica_Urodzin_AB kopia.jpg
510th ANNIVERSARY OF M. KOPERNIK’S BIRTH, cast bronze, 90 mm, 1983309 views
(1 votes)
Kalinowski kopia.jpg
BLESSED RAFAL KALINOWSKI, struck tombac, 60 mm, 1983252 views
(1 votes)
Drapella kopia.jpg
50th ANNIVERSARY OF SEPTEMBER 1939 ( Gen. J.A. Drapella), struck tombac, 70 mm, 1989324 views
(1 votes)
Dante_Alighieri_AB kopia.jpg
DANTE ALIGHIERI, cast bronze, 146x150 mm, 1973350 views
(1 votes)
Buchet kopia.jpg
ARSENE BUCHET, struck bronze, 70 mm, 1997338 views
(1 votes)
40_Lat_Muzeum_w_Slupsku kopia.jpg
40 YEARS OF THE MUSEUM IN SLUPSK, struck tombac, 70 mm, 1988302 views
(1 votes)
50_Rocznica_Instytutu_Fryderyka_Chopina_AB kopia.jpg
50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE F. CHOPIN INSTITUTE IN WARSAW, cast bronze, 100x100 mm, 1984344 views
(1 votes)
Chopin_Delacroix_AB kopia.jpg
CHOPIN, cast bronze, 129x133 mm, 1975350 views
(1 votes)
Sportowe_3 kopia.jpg
CHAMPIONSCHIPS OF SCHOOL CHILDREN (prize medals), obverses, struck tombac, 60 mm, 1986 ,1989295 views
(1 votes)
Liske kopia.jpg
100 YEARS OF THE POLISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY, struck tobac, 70 mm, 1986356 views
(2 votes)
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