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Kxxx, Zeppelin Ocean Crossing, 1924499 views
K001, Emperor Ludwig IV, The Bavarian, 1905469 views
Kxxx, Zeppelin Ocean Crossing, 1924442 views
Guiraud, Georges, Amphitrite-comb.jpg
Amphitrite438 views
Gottuzzo, Aguas Potables - Corrientes-combo.jpg
Aguas Potables - Corrientes, Silver, 1903, Obverse416 views
Happiness and Unhappiness, Jeton401 views
Gillick, Ernest, British National Emergency Medal, 1926-combo.jpg
British National Emergency Medal, 1926393 views
Huguenin, Canton Uri Shooting Medal-combo.jpg
Canton Uri Shooting Medal, ca. 1928373 views
Grandhomme, Paul, Begian Military Preparation-combo.jpg
Belgian Military Preparation367 views
Huguenin, Freres, Argentine Independence Centennial, 1916-combo.jpg
Argentine Independence Centennial, 1916365 views
K211, The Judges of the World, Eat or Die, 1918346 views
K262, Watch on the Rhine - Black Shame, 1920342 views
Tenth National Air Races, Chicago, 1930342 views
Guzman-Nageotte, Aleth, La Paix.jpg
La Paix309 views
K262, Watch on the Rhine - Black Shame, 1920308 views
K262, Watch on the Rhine - Black Shame, 1920302 views
K156, The Sinking of the Lusitania, 7 MAI Version, 1915300 views
Hebbelnick, A., 1910 City of Ixelles International Festival-obv.jpg
City of Ixelles International Festival, 1910295 views
Hujer, Ludwig, Austrian Numismatic and Medallic Assoc., 1908-combo.jpg
Austrian Numismatic and Medallic Association, 1908290 views
Horta, Jose, Centre Catala, Buenos Aires, 1911-combo.jpg
Centre Catalá, Buenos Aires, 1911269 views
Gottuzzo, Aguas Potables - Corrientes-bronze-combo.jpg
Aguas Potables - Corrientes, Copper, 1903, Obverse268 views
Gatteux, E.,, French Natl. School of Fine Arts Award Medal, 1910-combo.jpg
French National School of Fine Arts, Award Medal, 1910264 views
oise, 1911-combo.jpg
Departement de L'Oise, 1911262 views
Gottuzzo, Aguas Potables - Jujuy, 1904-obv.jpg
Aguas Potables - Jujuy, 1904261 views
Gottuzzo, Aguas Potables - Santiago del Estero, 1904.jpg
Aguas Potables - Santiago del Estero, 1904257 views
Gottuzzo, Edificios Escolares de Rosario, 1909-combo.jpg
Edificios Escolares de Rosario, 1909257 views
Gottuzzo, Decree of April 1908 - Battle Scene Plaque, combo.jpg
Decree of April 1908 - Battle Scence Plaque249 views
Grun, Samuel, Le Petit Meridional, combo.jpg
Le Petit Méridional249 views
K156, Sinking of Lusitania (British Counterfeit), 1915243 views
Hartig, Arnold, Largo, Music Plaque, ca. 1920.jpg
Largo, Music Plaque, ca. 1920233 views
Gottuzzo and Piana, San Martin - Centenary of 1818 Battle of Maipu, 1918-obv.jpg
San Martin - Centenary of 1818 Battle of Maipu, Plaque, 1918, Obverse227 views
Huguenin, Freres, Tribute to Fallen Firemen, Depose, 1913-combo.jpg
Tribute to Fallen Fireman - Déposé, 1913225 views
K196, Verdun, 1917223 views
Pro Patria221 views
K262a, Watch on the Rhine - Black Shame, 1920220 views
K156, Sinking of the Lusitania, 7 MAI Version, 1915219 views
Gottuzzo and Piana, San Martin - Centenary of 1818 Battle of Maipu, 1918-rev.jpg
San Martin - Centenary of 1818 Battle of Maipu, Plaque, 1918, Reverse218 views
Grandhomme, Paul, French Agriculture Medal-combo.jpg
French Agriculture Award Medal212 views
K265, The Gessler Hat in the Palatinate, 1920202 views
Galtie, Conference de Paris, 1946-combo~0.jpg
Conference de Paris, 1946202 views
Huguenin, Pro Belgica, combo.jpg
Pro Belgica197 views
International Exhibition, Bordeaux, 1897195 views
K156, Sinking of the Lusitania, 7 Mai 1915192 views
Hibner and Roly, Peter Cooper, 1791-1883-combo.jpg
Peter Cooper, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art, 1909, Designed with Oscar Roty187 views
In Eisener Zeit, 1916186 views
Galtie, Andre, Mahatma Ghandi.JPG
Mahatma Ghandi185 views
Gottuzzo, Salve, Tucuman Hija Predilecta, 1912-combo.jpg
Salve! Tucuman Hija Predilecta, 1912179 views
Gottuzzo, General Don Jose De San Martin-combo.jpg
General Don Jose De San Martin174 views
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