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SOM#001, Laura Gardin Fraser, Hunter and Dog - Ruffed Grouse, 19301397 views
Hommeau, J., Greek Discus Thrower, early 20th Century-combo.jpg
Greek Discus Thrower, Earth 20th Century1381 views
Borrell, A-carboard industry.jpg
Société Industriel de L’Aisne1362 views
s Fair (56 mm)-obv-small-.jpg
Zettler, Emil Robert, Chicago World's Fair, 1933, Obverse1288 views
SOM#004, Frederick MacMonnies, Charles A. Lindbergh - Lone Eagle Allegory, 19311276 views
Sorrain, J., Yvonne Vieslet, 1908-1918--obv-small~0.jpg
Yvonne Vieslet, 1908-1918, Obverse1252 views
SOM, Bicentennial Medal, Marcel Jovine, 19761211 views
Victory - Discus Thrower1001 views
Lrg Silver 60 Comm.jpg
1897 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria994 views
Ad Excelsa Per Excelsum, Flight Plaque993 views
Delamarre, Perseus and Medusa-obv-small.jpg
Delamarre, Raymond, Perseus and Medusa989 views
1977, Beaujard, Yves, Franklin Mint-combo.jpg
1977, Franklin Mint, Yves Beaujard (Designer), Ernest Lauser (Obverse), Vincent Miller (Reverse)950 views
SOM#123, Michael Meszaros, Staircase, 1991930 views
1892, Christopher Columbus Five Hundred Year Anniversary of Discovery of America.jpg
1892, Christopher Columbus Four Hundred Year Anniversary of Discovery of America897 views
erotic 2.jpg
Helder Batista, LEDO ENGANO - As mãos e os lábios vaginais envolvem-se sempre (ou quase) nas curtas e longas fantasias eróticas.878 views
Sokol Youth Organization Medal, Cechoslovakia857 views
Dropsy, Emile, Regina Coeli, 1970.jpg
Regina Coeli848 views
American Numismatic and Archaeological Society, 1902836 views
CU Gold 87.jpg
1897 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria835 views
"Mutualité" Award Medal809 views
SOM#012, Anthony DeFrancisci, Creation, 1935793 views
Wolfers Brothers Opening-small.jpg
Wolfers, Marcel, Inauguration of the Wolfers Brothers Silversmith House, Brussels, 1912, Obverse778 views
Electricity770 views
Lalique, Rene, WWI Patriotic Cross Brooch, 1915-obv.jpg
Journee du Poilu - Le Parlement, 1915769 views
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