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Baudichon, Anniversary Medal-combo~0.jpg
Baudichon, René, Anniversary Medal, Bronze365 views
Blin, Jean Mermoz, 1901-1936-combo.jpg
Blin, Édouard-Pierre, Jean Mermoz, French Aviator, 1901-1936212 views
Brenner, Victor David, American Numismatic and Archaeological Society, 1902249 views
Chambellan, Rene, American Cancer Society Award for Distinguised Service in the Control of Cancer94 views
Chaplain, Alfred Fournier, Acdemy of Medicine, 1902-combo.jpg
Chaplain, Jules-Clément, Alfred Fournier, Academy of Medicine, 1902215 views
Chaplain, Jules-Clément, National School of Industrial Arts, 1890112 views
Clémencin, François André, L'Épée à Saint-Michel Dieu la Donna119 views
Cochet, Robert, Engraved for 3rd Philatelic Exposition, Puteaux, France, 1971362 views
Cochet, Tribunal de Commerce de la Seine, 1965-combo.jpg
Cochet, Robert, Tribunal de Commerce de la Seine, 1965115 views
Coudray, La Lutte-combo~0.jpg
Coudray, Marie Alexandre-Lucien, La Lutte147 views
Coudray, Marie Alexandre-Lucien, Le Charmeur130 views
Coudray, Orpheus, Awarded 1957-combo.jpg
Coudray, Marie Alexandre-Lucien, Orpheus, Awarded 1957180 views
Cros, César Isadore Henri, Landscape Conservation and Forestry, ca. 190492 views
Dammann, Paul-Marcel, A Hautant, 193799 views
Dammann, Paul-Marcel, Ferium Sidera (Reach for the Stars), Aviation Medal119 views
Dupuis, Daniel, La Source-combo~0.jpg
Daniel-Dupuis, Jean-Baptiste, La Source, ca. 1898389 views
Daniel-Dupuis, Le Nid-small.jpg
Daniel-Dupuis, Jean-Baptiste, Le Nid348 views
Dupuis, Daniel, Monnaie de Paris, 1900-obv-combo.jpg
Daniel-Dupuis, Jean-Baptiste, Turn of the Century - Monnaie de Paris, 1900, Silver137 views
De Lue, Donald, Brookgreen Gardens, "The Scuptor and His Work", 1978116 views
De Rudder, Isidore-Lievin, Tribute to Louis Wolfers, 190082 views
Deckers, Edouard, Anatole de Cock - Agriculture in Antwerp Province83 views
Dejean, Louis, Carnegie Foundation Heros of Civilization Award, 190984 views
Delamarre, Raymond, Ad Excelsa Per Excelsum, Flight Plaque155 views
Delamarre, Perseus and Medusa-obv-small.jpg
Delamarre, Raymond, Perseus and Medusa1004 views
Delamarre, Wisdom and Destiny, 1956-combo.jpg
Delamarre, Raymond, Wisdom and Destiny, 1956119 views
Delandre, R., Air Races, 22nd Winter Cup, Paris, 1966110 views
Delannoy, Maurice, Flore-combo.jpg
Delannoy, Maurice, Flore92 views
Demanet, Victor, L'Effort64 views
Devreese, Godefroid, Brussels 10th International Commercial Fair-combo.jpg
Devreese, Godefroid, Brussels 10th International Commercial Fair93 views
Devreese, Centenary of Brazil Independence, 1922-combo.jpg
Devreese, Godefroid, Centenary of Brazil Independence, 1922 - International Exposition, Rio Janeiro, 1922-23117 views
Devreese, Godefroid, Société Générale de Belgique, 1922, Silver111 views
Dropsy, Henri, Centenaire de la Foundation de Pont-A-Mousson, 1956-combo.jpg
Dropsy, Henri, Centenaire de la Foundation de Pont-Ā-Mousson, 195695 views
Dubois, Alphée, Charles Adolphe Wurtz, Chemist, 188697 views
Dubois, Alphee, Concours de Tir-combo.jpg
Dubois, Alphée, Concours de Tir, $75170 views
Dubois, Alphée, Orpheus - Music Award, National School of Music100 views
Dubois, Paul, Liège International Exposition, 1905114 views
Dubois, Paul, Treaty of Versailles, 1919293 views
Dupagne, Belgian Congo-combo.jpg
Dupagne, Arthur, Pierre Ryckmans, Governor General of the Belgian Congo, $200116 views
Dupon, Josue, Colonial Exposition, anvers, 1930-combo.jpg
Dupon, Josuë, Colonial Exposition, Anvers, 1930126 views
Dupon, Josué, Extension of the Port of Antwerp , River Scheldt, Antwerp, 1923138 views
Dupon, L_Effort, combo2.jpg
Dupon, Josuë, L'Effort, 1962, $200146 views
Dupont, Louis, La Ville de Liege-combo~0.jpg
Dupont, Louis, La Ville de Liege117 views
Dupre, Gun Society, France, 1902-combo~0.jpg
Dupré, Georges, Union Des Sociètès de Tir, 1902124 views
Eliscu, Frank, Inspiration-Aspiration-combo~0.jpg
Eliscu, Frank, Medallic Art Company, Inspiration161 views
Exbryat, A L_Effort-combo~0.jpg
Exbryat, Etienne-Victor, A L'Effort93 views
Flanagan, John, Panama-Pacific Expostion, San Francisco, 1915189 views
Fraser, Laura Gardin, Centenary of the American Numismatic Society, 1958137 views
Gibert, Lucien, Woman and Dove, Uniface221 views
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