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Zografov, Lubomir, John Birks, 2005217 views03/16/13 at 20:41nonlinearboy: wonderful indeed!
Lavrillier, Children of Nice Who Died for France503 views12/06/12 at 04:17nonlinearboy: really nice medal, excellent design and visual imp...
194 views07/15/11 at 07:26jwbirks: This is one of my favorite medals. It's "...
EDWARD WILLIAM WYON BRONZE PLAQUE 1848, 7 3/8".318 views11/25/10 at 20:18jwbirks: Amazingly beautiful medal!
Nikolov, Bogomil, 20th Wedding Anniversary of John Birks and Kathy Rowlen, 2010280 views07/25/10 at 11:02jwbirks: My wife Kathy comissioned my favorite comtemporary...
Adornment, 1928, Uniface289 views06/27/10 at 10:12Carlchen: This picture is from Victoria & Albert Museum,...
Amat Aurea Condere Scla, 1716417 views11/04/08 at 04:21ipmman: Any interest in selling this? Please contact tony...
SOM#036, Henry Kreis, The Wise and Foolish Virgins, 1947764 views04/12/08 at 14:02Soddemann Hans: zeitlos, mit Lebensweisheit,
Dropsy, Emile, Regina Coeli, 1970.jpg
Regina Coeli882 views09/14/07 at 21:29ehehyano: Very Beautiful
A. D. Max, Burgermeister of Brussels, 1935300 views02/27/06 at 00:37Aristides: Beautiful portrait. I have a small 1914 Brussels m...
REVOL - Edgar Degas (rev.)274 views08/25/05 at 04:05jwbirks: Great Medal! Thanks for setting up a gallery on t...
Venus_ Birth, triptych  2.jpg
VENUS' BIRTH, 1986, 3x 100 mm, Brass; 1988, GRAND PRIZE First International Biennial of Unique Medal, Warsaw743 views08/20/04 at 09:55Nadia Green: Fantastic!
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