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City of Gent School Award104 views
Verbanck, Geo, Gent School Award Plaque, 1921.jpg
Ghent School Award Plaque, 192162 views
Verbanck, Geo, Gent School Award Plaque2.JPG
Ghent School Award Plaque, 192154 views
Ghent World War I Gratitude Medal53 views
Ghent World War I Recognition Plaque, 191846 views
Verbanck, Geo, Gratitude, 1927.jpg
Gratitude, 192778 views
Verbanck, Geo, International Union of Automobile Yachting, 1927.jpg
International Union of Automobile Yachting, 1927104 views
King Albert of Belgium, 193454 views
Verbanck, Geo, Reverse of King Albert, 1934.JPG
King Albert of Belgium, 1934, Reverse68 views
Verbanck, Geo, Plaque for the Royal Club Nautique of Gent, 1921.JPG
Royal Nautical Club of Ghent, 192165 views
Verbanck, Geo.jpg
Woman with Flowers70 views
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