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1772, John Powell, Birmingham.jpg
1772, John Powell, Birmingham511 views
1799, John Powell, Birmingham284 views
1892, Christopher Columbus Five Hundred Year Anniversary of Discovery of America.jpg
1892, Christopher Columbus Four Hundred Year Anniversary of Discovery of America910 views
1959, Austrian Mint, Hans Köttenstorfer234 views
1960, Austrian Mint, Hans Köttenstorfer204 views
1968, Austrian Mint, Hans Köttenstorfer, Four Seasons274 views
1968, Franklin Mint-combo.jpg
1968, Franklin Mint322 views
1973, Hoffman Mint~0.jpg
1973, Hoffman Mint357 views
1974, Franklin Mint.JPG
1974, Franklin Mint400 views
1976, Medallic Art Company, Marcel Jovine, Bicentennial of American Revolution522 views
1977, Beaujard, Yves, Franklin Mint-combo.jpg
1977, Franklin Mint, Yves Beaujard (Designer), Ernest Lauser (Obverse), Vincent Miller (Reverse)964 views
1980, MACO Calendar Medal-combo.jpg
1980, Medallic Art Company, Olympics620 views
1981, Franklin Mint-combo.jpg
1981, Franklin Mint402 views
1981, Medallic Art Company.jpg
1981, Medallic Art Company380 views
MACO, Calendar Medal, 1982, To the Dreamer of Dreams-combo.jpg
1982, Medallic Art Company, Marcel Jovine, To the Dreamer of Dreams408 views
1983, Franklin Mint-combo~0.jpg
1983, Franklin Mint344 views
Everhart, Dance of Dolphins, MACO Calendar Medal, 1984-combo.jpg
1984, Medallic Art Company, Don Everhart, Dance of the Dolphins405 views
MACO, Calendar Medal, 1985-combo.jpg
1985, Medallic Art Company395 views
1986, MACO Calendar Medal-combo.jpg
1986, Medallic Art Company, Marcel Jovine, Statue of Liberty523 views
MACO, Calendar Medal, 1987, Marcel Jovine-combo.jpg
1987, American Eagle, Medallic Art Company, Marcel Jovine479 views
Jovine, Marcel, Calendar Medal, MACO, 1988-combo.jpg
1988, Carousel, Medallic Art Company, Marcel Jovine393 views
1989-Marcel Jovine, Two-headed Stallion-combo.jpg
1989 Calendar Medal, Medallic Art Company, Marcel Jovine467 views
1992, Christopher Columbus 500 Yr. Anniv., MACO-combo.jpg
1992, Medallic Art Company, Christopher Columbus, 500 Year Anniversary325 views
Everhard, Calendar Medal, 1993-combo.jpg
1993, Medallic Art Company, Don Everhart, Dolphin337 views
Everhart, Calendar Medal, 1994-combo.jpg
1994, Medallic Art Company, Don Everhart320 views
Everhart, Calendar Medal, 1995-combo.jpg
1995, Medallic Art Company, Don Everhart300 views
Hoffman, Calendar Medal, 1986, Payette (Boyle)-combo.jpg
1996, Hoffman Mint, James Payette, Cougar355 views
2000, A Tribute to the Third Millennium, Hoffman Mint.jpg
2000, Hoffman Mint, A Tribute to the Third Millennium346 views
2001, Franklin Mint-combo.jpg
2001 Calendar Medal, Franklin Mint319 views
2001 Calendar Medal, Hoffman Mint-combo.jpg
2001, Elk, Hoffman Mint331 views
2002, Medalcraft Mint-combo.jpg
2002, Medalcraft Mint396 views
2004 Calendar Medal Hoffman Mint-combo.jpg
2004, Hoffman Mint, Oceana469 views
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