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Dammann, Paul Marcel.JPG
A. Hautant, 1937, Reverse740 views
Abeille, (Bee Life Insurance Company), 1956-obv.jpg
Abeille (Bee Life Insurance Company), 1956, Obverse354 views
Ad Excelsa Per Excelsum, Flight Plaque983 views
Dammann, Albert Roussel, Compositeur, 1929, Obverse.jpg
Albert Roussel, Composer, 1929, Reverse452 views
Dropsy, Amitie.jpg
Amitie374 views
Guiraud, Georges, Amphitrite-comb.jpg
Amphitrite434 views
Angel with Trumpet666 views
Art Deco Award Plaque425 views
Artemis632 views
Dammann, Artium Parens Minerva-combo.jpg
Artium Parens Minerva428 views
Corbin, Raymond, Athena, Award Medal, 1938-combo.jpg
Athena - Alliance Franšaise, Awarded 1938358 views
Lenoir, Pierre-Chargles, Automne, ca. 1929.jpg
Automne, ca. 1929587 views
Contaux, Georges, Aviation.JPG
Aviation563 views
Aviation Medal - Engraved to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of a Photo Club465 views
Union Parisienne, 1929-combo.jpg
Banque de l'Union Parisienne, 1929462 views
Batailles d'Artois, 1915452 views
Gillick, Ernest, British National Emergency Medal, 1926-combo.jpg
British National Emergency Medal, 1926391 views
Huguenin, Canton Uri Shooting Medal-combo.jpg
Canton Uri Shooting Medal, ca. 1928370 views
CÚres - Corn Version, 1970320 views
CÚres - Wheat Version419 views
Delannoy, French Ligne La Marseillaise, 1949-combo.jpg
CGT French Line "La Marseillaise", 1949285 views
Dammann, Chambre de Commerce de Mulhouse-combo.jpg
Chambre de Commerce de Mulhouse398 views
Delannoy, Chambre Syndicale des Banques Populaires de France, 1985 restrike-combo.jpg
Chambre Syndicale des Banques Populaires de France, 1985305 views
s Fair (56 mm)-obv-small-~0.jpg
Chicago World's Fair, 1933, Obverse379 views
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