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Fraisse, Agricultural Award Medal-combo.jpg
Agricultural Award Medal73 views
Air Race Medal38 views
Fraise, Edouard (1880-1945)-combo.jpg
Angel49 views
Angel38 views
Fraisse, Exposiiton des Petits Inventeurs-combo.jpg
Angel - Exposiiton des Petits Inventeurs66 views
Aviation - Icare, ca. 193548 views
Fraisse, F., Award Medal-obv-combo~1.jpg
Award Medal155 views
Fraisse, Edouard, Medal-combo.jpg
Award Medal55 views
Fraisse, Basketball, reversey by H. Dubois-combo.jpg
Basketball57 views
Fraisse, Centenaire des Championnats de France, uniface, 1988.jpg
Centenaire des Championnats de France, 198841 views
Fraisse, E., Chantecler, 1914.jpg
Chantecler, 191470 views
Chantecler, 191470 views
Fraisse, Education Physique.jpg
Education Physique76 views
Elegant Automobile Competition, Vichy67 views
Escrime, 193058 views
Fraisse, Fencing Medal, Awarded 1929-combo.jpg
Fencing Medal, Awarded 192967 views
Fraisse, Freedom of the Press-obv, ca. 1930-combo.jpg
Freedom of the Press47 views
Fraisse, Edouard, Gallia, Award Medal, 1933 (1960)-combo.jpg
Gailia, Award Medal, Designed 1933, Awarded 1960380 views
Fraisse, Lady and Harp Music Award Medal-combo.jpg
Lady and Harp, Music Award36 views
Le Cassoulet, 50-Year Recognition Plaque42 views
Le Cassoulet, 50-Year Recognition Plaque, Detail41 views
Le Martin Morning Newspaper26 views
Fraisse, Le Petit Journal Sports Award-combo~0.jpg
Le Petit Journal Sports Award, Awarded 192646 views
Fraisse, Marianne-combo.jpg
Marianne Award Medal55 views
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