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No. 002, Male Torso, 2005

In my second attempt at sculpting, I wanted to see if I could represent a human body, but was not ambitious enough to try to make a face as well, so I decided on a male torso. Most people who look at this medal are drawn to the penis. I don't think I exaggerated its size, but traditionally sculptors seem to have purposely diminished the penis size so as not to detract from the body itself. I think that the naked figure of a young male or female should elicit sexual feelings; our brains are hard-wired for that. And I think this one does, so I feel good about the outcome.

Wyon-W_Victoria-LocalAwardArt_Science-1856_combo.jpg Renninger_TheAgony-SculptorsStudio_combo.jpg Birksl#002-Male Torso-small.jpg Muzeum_Mikolaja_Kopernika_AB kopia.jpg Lincoln_v2_AB kopia.jpg