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1977, Franklin Mint, Yves Beaujard (Designer), Ernest Lauser (Obverse), Vincent Miller (Reverse)

Photo by John Birks

From the Brochure:

The 1977 Franklin Mint Calendar/Art Medal

The beautifully detailed sculpture of the 1977 Calendar/Art Medal is an imaginative interpretation of the passage of time. Designed by Yves Beaujard, the medal's reverse was sculptured by Vincent Miller and bears a complete 1977 calendar. This is encircled by figures depicting man's journey from birth to maturity -- through the age of discovery, learning, responsibility and finally of wisdom and contemplation.

The medal's obverse, sculptured by Ernest Lauser, depicts the ancient Roman deity, Janus, custodian of the universe, god of beginnings and guardian of gates and doors. Usually represented with two heads placed back to back, Janus could see both past and future. The first hour of the day, the first day of the month and the first month of the year, which bears his name, were dedicated to him. The double profile of Janus is surrounded by sculptured symbols of the evolution of humanity, from its very beginning with the primordial aquatic creatures, to the development of mammals, the discovery of fire, creation of the wheel and attainment of learning which has opened new doors to distant parts of the universe.

The 1977 Calendar/Art Medal is 76 mm in diameter and is individually antiqued, giving it a special finish which allows handling without damage to the surface.

The Franklin Mint, Franklin Center, Pennsylvania, 19091

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