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Lorrain, Jenny, Yvonne Vieslet, 1908-1918
Bronze, 66.5 mm, 95 g

From Wikipedia:

Marchienne-au-Pont experienced a tragic event, shortly before the end of World War I , when a 10 year old schoolgirl was shot by a German soldier, 12 October 1918, after trying three times to give his Biscuit school to a group of French prisoners soldiers. Yvonne Vieslet stood on the sidewalk with other children and adults, before a building reserved for French soldiers prisoners. Belonging to a German sentry "Gera XI-13, VII Company" led by Sergeant Major Drechten Rumanen, fired a shot toward the group of people when pieces of bread were thrown over the fence towards the prisoners At the request of the nuns. The sentry, who was not, does not support it, reacts in excitement. With the defeat of Germany and stated that would occur a month later with the Armistice, the tension and excitement were at their height. The projectile from a German rifle Mauser , weapon of great penetrating power, killed the little girl on the spot before injuring three others located behind the child.

This innocent and unjust death caused quite a stir in the population, which is found in "calmed down". The evolution of the conflict and the imminent defeat of the "Boches" had emboldened a population more inclined to rebel for worn and weary after four years of occupation and bullying. Thus, many communities have a place in Belgium or street "Firing Squad", recalling the numerous summary executions of civilians, perpetrated by the occupying Germans during the First World War.

Made aware of the drama Marchienne-au-Pont, the French Government wished to honor the little martyr by awarding him posthumously the Medal of French Recognition silver 6 . A monument was erected at the spot where the tragedy took place. Photographs of the victim were sold thousands of copies.

At Marchienne-au-Pont, a school of the Rue des Remparts, was renamed Royal Atheneum Yvonne Vieslet
Lorrain,_Jenny,_Yvonne_Vieslet,_1908-1918-combo.jpg Sorrain, J., Yvonne Vieslet, 1908-1918--obv-small~0.jpg Sorrain, J., Yvonne Vieslet, 1908-1918-rev-small~0.jpg