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SOM#004, Frederick MacMonnies, Charles A. Lindbergh - Lone Eagle Allegory, 1931

From the collection of John Birks

Numbers Issued: 1,989 Bronze, 250 Silver

A Message from the Artist

To attempt to commemorate Lindbergh's might achievement within the tiny compass of a three inch medal is preposterous, and if one does not succeed in representing even a faint suggestion of the sublime courage that faced appalling odds -- the fascinating problem is compensation enough.

In the head of Lindbergh I have tried to catch something of the inner belief and nobility of vision of the boy, together with the experience of the master airman.

On the reverse is an allegory of the Lone Eagle battling through the perverse elements of storm, wind and fog. The figure of Death as King, Life’s ever present tyrant, sure of his final triumph, retreats foiled and defeated. The Wind tries in vain to raise a barrier against the spread and trembling wings, while the insane fury of the Storm hurls lightning and veils the moon and stars in mist and rain, but the Lone Eagle goes on.

Frederick MacMonnies

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