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SOM#073, Robert Lohman, Nature - Creativity, 1966
Photo by John Birks. This example has less of the desirable green patina than the following medal, but better shows the sculptural definition.

Numbers Issued: 807 Bronze


“To pay homage to Nature for Her multitudinous contributions to mankind’s intellect and perennial inspiration is intended in this medal.

To meditate and perhaps somewhat penetrate Nature’s mysteries is open to all who search and see. Infinite variety, irregularity, and some element of surprise always occur in nature. Sometimes She is brutal; at other times, sensitive and mysterious.

Here are the participants: everyone; everything!”


Robert Lohman, sculptor of our 73rd issue, resides and has his studio at 1201 Pleasant Street, in Indianapolis, Indiana, and since 1947 has been Fine Arts Instructor at Cranbrok School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. A graduate of the John Herron Art School in Indianapolis, Mr. Lohman was awarded the Mary Millikan Traveling Fellowship and did graduate work at Cranbrook Academy under the famous Swedish sculptor, Carl Milles, whose assistant he later became. He also worked with sculptor Gaetano Cecere at the St. Louis School of Fine Arts, and did graduate work at Yale University. He has exhibited at the Chicago Art Institute and elsewhere.

He was a winner in The Society of Medalists' nation-wide competition in 1964.
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