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SOM#128, Don Everhart, The Fossil Collection, Deinonychus, 1994
From the collection of John Birks

Number issued: 200 Bronze

dyn - ON- ik - us
Early Cretaceous, North America

In 1964, in the claystones of Montana, one of the most exciting dinosaur finds ever unearthed was found. The small, 10-11 foot long, 150 pound predator, Deinonychus, was one of the dinosaurs that led to the current widespread belief in dinosaurs being warm blooded. The most remarkable feature about this dinosaur was the large (5 inch long) curved second toe or "terrible claw". This claw was held in a raised position during running so it wouldn't be damaged and was used by the animal to slash at its prey. Held at arm's length, while standing on one foot, this fearless hunter would quickly disembowel its hapless victim.
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