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JAB-36 New York Cent Fascimile Copper
28mm - 40 struck
The dies were cut in 1869. They were canceled and give to the Boston Numismatic Society. They are currently unaccounted for.

The Bolen copies can be distinguished from the originals in a number of ways. The copies have nine feathers in the Indian's headress, while the originals have only seven. The copies also have perfect A's, while the originals show a break at the upper left portion of the letters.

Steve Hayden sold an XF example on his website in September 2010 for $900. Stacks sold an Unc. example for $1051 in a January 2008 auction, lot 5785.
JAB_35_C_#2.JPG B36_Brass.JPG B36_C2.JPG B36_C.JPG