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Grienauer, Edwin, Für Treue Mitarbeit, Silvered Bronze, 70 mm, Awarded 1974
This medal was designed by Edwin Grienauer for the "Kammer Der Gewerblichen Wirtschaft" (Chamber of the Commercial Economy of Vienna). Edwin Grienauer was one of the more important Viennese Sculptors and Medalist of the 20th Century. He was born March 7th, 1893 and by 1912, at age 19, he was already creating his first portrait plaques. His body of work spans more than half a century. Grienauer worked almost exclusively from commission and was proficient in all areas of sculptural design. He died on August 21st, 1964.

These medals were issued over many years, exist in different sizes and metal compositions and have individualized dedications located below the three men on the reverse. They were awarded for lengthy terms of service.

The obverse depicts Mercury carrying a caduceus and a wreath. In the background are the smoke stacks of industry at a riverside (Vienna is divided by the Danube River). Across the bottom is inscribed "Für Wien" and around the rim, "Kammer Der Gewerblichen Wirtschaft" (Chamber of the Commercial Economy of Vienna). The reverse depicts three men in a classical style cooperating in pulling a load. Below the image is the inscription "Für Treue Mitarbeit" (For Loyal Dedication) "Frau Edeltraud Knapp Wien 1965" (Mrs. Edeltraud Knapp, Vienna 1958).

The medal work of Grienauer’s consists mainly of commissioned pieces for his customers and this aspect of his work is dominated by award/service medals of national or economic institutions and prizes for sporting events. His large sculptures are still present today in Vienna and include reliefs and architectural sculptures, crucifixes and religious statues on and in Viennese churches, and even floor tiles for the St Stephans Cathedral.

Works include coinage dies of the Austrian 1st and 2nd Republic, medals, sculptures, and portraits. He designed commemorative and regular issue coins for Liechtenstein as well. Grienauer designed the denomination side of the last of the Schilling coins of Austria, which were in circulation from 1959 to 2002.
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