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Mathieu De Dombasle by Bescher, Combo

Agricultural French award medal in Argent, to M. Harel. Mathieu was a very interesting character. Invented the Dombasle Plow. , Dombasle has advanced the technique of sugar extraction and proposals, neglected at the time, imposed by the suite1. It was also in 1810 that Mathieu Dombasle began to publish, with a brochure analyzes of natural waters by reagents, and he brought from Switzerland and Belgium, later in England, various implements for its fields beet.

In 1817 Dombasle attaches to Nancy and began to publish agronomic texts on crystallization of the sugar, manufacture of potato water spirits, the operation of various types of plows ... In 1821, s 'drawing on more anciensN 2 works Dombasle publishes the Calendar of good farmer who describes good agricultural practices throughout the year1.
"Best Farm" Roville

In 1801, Mathieu Dombasle made a trip to Paris where he met with smallpox marks the physically with a loss of visual acuity. The following year, he suffered an accident in which the iron wheel of a car passes him on the leg: it limp all his life. This series of unfortunate events made the "taciturn and away from the world3".

"He was of high stature. He always walked with his head bowed forward because his eyesight was poor; his black eyes had little sparkle, but his serious face, pensive, indicated he took pleasure in intellectual work "

- Gustave Heuzé, Journal of practical agriculture, 1894

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