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King Albert of Belgium to M. De Vos Maurits, 2 inch Silver Medal by Vermeylen, Combo

A large medal in Argent with portraitof Albert, Roi, presented to M. De Vos Maurits. It is 2 inches, 50mm, in Diameter. Impressive engraving by Vermeylen.Frantz Vermeylen is a carver , sculptor and writer - medalist Belgian born in Leuven on 25 November 1857 And died on 18 December 1922 .
He studied at the college and at the Academy of Fine Arts of Leuven and completed his artistic education in Paris, where he worked in the studio of sculptor Dumont .

He entered the Royal Society of Numismatics as correspondent on 7 July 1895 and was appointed member of the General Assembly of 5 July 1903.
He begins to create medals in 1894 and his work totals 34 medals .
In 1930, he participated in the centenale Exposition in Brussels and are exposed " Alphonse De Marbaix , professor at the Catholic University of Louvain " (1894), "University of Louvain" (1909), "discreet Secours" (cast iron).

jab-9_silver.jpg 1939_CZECHOSLOVAKIA_NY_WORLDS_FAIR_FREEDOM_MEDAL_-_MEDALLIC_ART_CO_combo.jpg ALBERT_ROI_to_M__De_Vos_Maurits_2inch_SILVER_Medal_by_VERMEYLEN_Belgium_Combo.jpg Mathieu_De_Dombasle_by_Bescher_Combo.jpg 060213_medals_vmed_1p_grid-6x2.jpg