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Clotho, 1893, Rodin Museum, Paris

Photo by John Birks, May 2011

Height: 90 cm
Width: 49.3 cm
Depth: 43 cm

This plaster version belonged to Auguste Rodin. A marble version completed in 1897 has been lost. Clotho was the youngest of the Three Fates who decided human destiny. Clotho is ensnared by her hair, which weighs heavily on her and appears to paralyze her. The elderly woman is considered part of a dialogue between Claudel and Rodin on the depiction of old age. Rodin had tackled this theme in 1884-5 in his sculpture "She Who Was the Helmut Maker's Once Beautiful Wife".

Rodin_Jean_de_Fiennes_from_The_Burghers_of_Calais.jpg Camille_Claudel_Clotho_1893_small.jpg Rodin_Death_of_Adonis_small.jpg Rodin_Unknown_small.jpg Charles_Cottet_Marine_Seascape_1903_small.jpg