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SOM#028, Carl L. Schmitz, Four Freedoms, 1943
From the collection of John Birks

Numbers Issued:35 Bronze (36 mm), 769 Silver (36 mm); Bronze issues limited due to wartime shortage.

Reissued in 1973: 100 Bronze (73 mm), 100 Silver (73 mm)

The obverse, which illustrates the Freedoms of Speech and Religion, depicts a husband and wife kneeling in prayer in the foreground and a colonial orator speaking to an audience of two in the background. The reverse, entitled FREEDOM FROM WANT AND FROM FEAR, portrays a farmer holding a sheaf of wheat, a calf to his side, and a young mother sitting on the floor balancing a baby on her knees. This is the 28th issue of the Society of Medalists. This medal was originally struck in a 36mm size in silver, a departure from the usual bronze because of the wartime shortage of that metal. In 1973, where the Society decided to strike a number of their medals in silver (instead of the usual bronze), they also decided to issue bronze medals for the two wartime silver emissions. Issue #28 was thus struck in bronze in 36mm (mintage of 35) and in 73mm (mintage of 100).
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