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K277, King of Cards, 1921
Pun on the exiled former Kaiser’s tax declaration and his actual net worth.

Obverse: “Pretense” is the inscription at the top of the obverse. Inscription on the door “Netherland Tax office”. Inscription on sign to the lower right “A poor man I am, please.” Words escaping his mouth “I only have 1-1/2 million guilders.” 1921. The kaiser appears to be in a "begging" position with his helmet overturned in expectation of receiving handouts.

Reverse: Depicts the continuation of the obverse’s “Pretense” by saying “and Actuality.” Kaiser depicted as the King of Hearts with the figure “160 million in gold” displayed prominently in the center of the double figure.
Goetz_King_of_Cards_1921.jpg Hujer_1909German-AustrianAlpineAssn_combo.jpg Goetz_K137_The_Russian_Hydra_1914_2.jpg Goetz,_K192,_Zinc,_1917.jpg