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JAB-09 1864 CARD / LIBERTY CAP Oreide #2

28mm - Estimate 75-100 struck

The dies were cut in 1864. Bolen destroyed the obverse die. The reverse die was sold to Dr. Frank Smith Edwards, who made several unusual mulings. It is currently in the ANS collection.

Bolen claims to have struck 25, but a better estimate is 75 to 100 pieces.

A NGC-64 piece sold for $1998 in a April 2017 Heritage sale, lot 19225. A NGC-65RB piece sold for $2820 in a June 2017 Stacks sale, lot 9095. This variety has been listed in the new Civil War Storecard book as MA760A-6a, so take advantage of any reasonably priced examples that come your way. Their value is rising rapidly.

B12_Copper_#1.JPG B12_Copper_#2.JPG B9_Oreide_#2.JPG B9_Oreide.JPG Antunes,_Cabral,_LABOR_OMNIA_VINCIT_IMPROBUS.jpg