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JAB-12 1864 BOLEN CARD Copper

28mm - 25 struck

Dies cut in 1864. Bolen destroyed all the copies he could re-obtain, along with the dies. This is one of the few remaining examples that Bolen did not get his hands on. The next two pieces in my Gallery show "Destroyed" examples. One of them is counterstamped with JAB's monogram in the obverse field. If Bolen was so dissatisfied with his likeness on this Medal, I am curious as to why he left destroyed examples around for future collectors and even went through the effort of counterstamping at least one of the destroyed examples with his initials.

Destroyed examples are occasionally cherry-picked for decent prices from those that do not understand what they are selling. When sold at public auction, even damaged examples can bring decent prices. A "Damaged" xf example sold for $385 in lot 257 of Steve Hayden's July 2009 auction. Undamaged examples command a steep premium. CWTGUY sold a NGC-65 example for $844 in a January 2010 EBAY auction. A MS-63 example sold for $700 in Steve Hayden's January 2015 auction, lot 154. A NGC-64RB example sold for $1527.50 in the June 2017 Stacks sale. The piece had pronounced wear to Bolen's ear and hair and was far from uncirculated, in my estimation.

This piece has been listed as Springfield, Mass. Civil War Token MA760A-7a in the new CWTS Storecard book. The latest auction record probably indicate that the piece is rapidly rising in value as CWT collectors attempt to obtain the very limited number of examples available. If you come across a reasonably priced example, I recommend you take advantage of the opportunity.

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