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1838 Queen Victoria Coronation Medal by Davis
Obv: Head of Queen Victoria left, garlanded with roses thistles and shamrocks ,hair held in chignon. On a raised band around the legend reads: “VICTORIA D: G: BRITANIAR: REGINA F: D:”

Rev: On a raised dais, the Queen is seated on a throne being crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury. To the right she is proclaimed by the figures Britannia, Scotia and Hibernia. To the left she is attended by Justice and Industry. A winged herald and cherub above, lion and cornucopia with other symbolic objects below. The exergue reads: “CROWNED / JUNE 28TH 1838 (in an arc)”. Signed to the right: “DAVIS, BIRM.”. On a raised band around, the legend reads above: “H. M. G. MAJESTY VICTORIA”, and below: “BORN MAY 24TH 1819 . ASCENDED THE BRITISH THRONE JUNE 20TH 1837”.

White Metal; 64.5 mm; 89.8 gm. BHM# 1807 Rarity "R" RARE
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