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28mm - Two or three struck

The dies were cut in 1867. They were later defaced and donated to the Boston Numismatic Society. They are currently unaccounted for.

Bolen's records state that there were only two struck. However, an 1874 Cogan sale had an example with a description stating that three examples were struck. There is an edge lettered example struck on a 1832 quarter in the ANS collection. The piece pictured, which was struck over an 1819 quarter, was sold in the May 2006 Ford sale, lot 592. With the buyer's premium, it realized $9775. In 2016, it was again offered for sale by Coin Rarities for $6850. I also show a piece having been sold in a September 2009 Stacks sale for $5750. lot 2331. My records aren't good enough to determine whether that was also a sale involving the Ford specimen, or possibly a third example.

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