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JAB-35 1869 STORECARD Wood
Unlisted by Musante and presumed to be unique

The obverse die was cut in 1869, the reverse in 1865. They were donated to the ANS by Bolen's family in 1948.

This piece was offered for sale by Broadway Stamp and Coin of Springfield, Mass. in the Fall of 1986. It was part of a large and very nice collection they had for sale, that I assumed came directly from the Bolen family. The piece was recently sold as part of the Steve Tannenbaum collection in a January 2016 auction by Steve Hayden, where it realized $1977 (lot 691). The catalog notes that Tannenbaum picked it up from Broadway for $200.
jab-30_tin.jpg JAB-30_brass.jpg JAb-35_wood.jpg jab-35_silver.jpg