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JAB-02 Bar Cent Fascimile - Brass
25mm - Probably Unique in Brass

The dies were cut in 1862 and sold to W. Elliot Woodward prior to June of that year. Woodward forwarded them to George H. Lovett. Woodward wrote in his April 28, 1863 sale that he instructed Lovett to strike only one each in nickel, brass and tin. Those three pieces were purchased by Charles I. Bushnell and sold as Lots 1162-1164 in the Chapmans' Bushnell sale (1882). This brass piece may be the Bushnell specimen. It has characteristic toning spots and is the only Brass example that I am aware of. It is believed that Lovett destroyed the dies, per Bolen's instructions.

This was Bolen's first attempt at copying a rare early American coin. It was once thought that the primary feature distinguishing the copy from the original was that the S passes over the A on the copy. However, recent research has shown that there are original Bar Cents with the S also passing over the A. The best diagnostic involves the reverse die. All originals have a spur on the near end of the second bar, which is lacking on the copies.

This piece sold for $4025 in the May 2006 sale of the John Ford, Jr. collection. It subsequently sold for $2300 in a Sept. 2010 Stacks sale, lot 2327, and again in an August 2011 Stacks sale for $3450, lot 6086.
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